Gender Identity Registration and Human Rights Effects


Gender Neutral?

By Geertje Mak Some weeks ago, there was an interesting news item on Dutch radio. A commission was installed to think about a good symbol to use for gender-neutral toilets. After some months of deliberation, their report came out. Recommendation: call it WC. This is a very good example of two things. One, it shows…

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Call for Abstract Submissions to Our ISA Panel

Human Rights and Gender Identity Registration: Examining Relationships Between Claims of (sexual) Citizens and Global Justice TG03 Human Rights and Global Justice (host committee) Language: English The right to not be discriminated against irrespective of gender (identity) clashes with practices of sex and gender registration/categorization as conducted by nation-states. The attribution/registration of sex, framed as…

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Jessica Lynn at Utrecht University

Jessica Lynn is a renowned public speaker that travels nationally and internationally to college campuses lecturing about the necessity for transgender awareness in our society. She is an advocate and professional speaker for transgender rights and is also the president of Your True Gender, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the community on trans* Issues….

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Parenthood M/F: And Beyond?

by Marjolein van den Brink Originally published by UCERF as part of UCERF – Thoughts on Reviewing Parentage Law # … Current Dutch parentage law is – still – based on a biological principle: the legislator assumes that all children have a mother (the mater semper certa est rule determines that the woman who gave birth to the…

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What the UK Gender Fraud Cases Might Tell Us About Gender Certification

By Nina Bresser Over the last four years five trans men in the UK have been convicted of ‘gender fraud’ (respectively R v Barker [2012]; R v McNally [2013]; R v Wilson [2013]; R v Newland [2015]; R v Lee (Mason) [2015]). [1] All five individuals were charged with sexual assault by their cis heterosexual…

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