Gender Identity Registration and Human Rights Effects


While the project is in an exploratory phase, we are currently at work on two related sub-projects. Sub-project 1 (GIRARE Nederland) focuses on very recent changes in the policies and practices of Dutch municipalities regarding the collection and dissemination of information on legal sex, particularly those occurring since 2015. This sub-project explores these local initiatives and developments, with the aim of assessing the scope and possible impact of such initiatives on the well-being of individual citizens, primarily LGBTIQ individuals but also cisgender citizens.


Sub- project 2 (GIRARE International) is globally oriented and examines how changes in legislation and policies (e.g., the Australian decision to allow for an X in passports in addition to the standard M and F) affect movement and mobility, particularly for trans* and gender- nonconforming populations.


For both GIRARE Nederland and GIRARE International we have developed exploratory surveys that have only very recently been closed. We want to thank all of our participants for their valuable contributions. Your input has been of vital importance to the direction of our research. In the upcoming weeks we will be analysing our current data, as well as inviting some of our participants for further interviews.


GIRARE International is still available and open to participants in Spanish and Italian: (Spanish) (Italian)


Already filled in one of our surveys? We would like to stay in touch with you. Please fill in GIRARE Contact and help us find the best way to contact you. (GIRARE Nederland Contact) (GIRARE International Contact) (GIRARE International Spanish Contact) (GIRARE International Italian Contact)